Melanie Fish

Graduate Student

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Melanie Fish splits her time at I-LABS between the Kuhl Lab and the Outreach team. Melanie is a fourth-year PhD student working under the direction of Dr. Patricia K. Kuhl. Her research investigates the neural mechanisms underlying syntactic development as well as the role of semantic information on syntactic processing in preschool-aged children. As an Outreach Specialist, Melanie works with parents to disseminate the latest research on children’s language development.

Melanie received her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics with a minor in Italian from the University of Washington in 2011. In the two years following her undergraduate career, Melanie worked in the Kuhl Lab as a research assistant, aiding in electrophysiological studies of speech sound discrimination by monolingual and bilingual infants and adults.


Phone Number: 
(206) 221-6415