I-LABS Directions from the South or West

Coming from the South on I-5 and from the West on 520:

Driving north on Interstate 5, take exit No.168 to eastbound 520 going towards Bellevue.

On SR 520, take the first exit, for Montlake Boulevard. Stay in the left lane on the exit ramp, and turn left onto Montlake Boulevard. Just after you cross the Montlake Bridge (before Husky Stadium), move into the leftmost of the two left turn lanes and turn left onto NE Pacific Street.

Continue on Pacific Street until you reach the next intersection (third traffic signal), which is 15th Avenue NE. Turn left on 15th Avenue NE and follow it as it winds to the left.

Stop at the parking booth and tell the attendant you are going to the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences in the Portage Bay Building.

The attendant will tell you where to park (usually in the S1 or South Campus Parking Garage), collect a fee of $15 in cash (part of which may be refunded, depending on how long you stay), and give you a parking permit to put on your dashboard.

In the South Campus Parking Garage, go to east end of Level M. You will see signage directing you to park in spaces marked "CHDD/EEU/I-LABS/Bloedel". From there, walk up the steps leading up to the Portage Bay Building. The Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences is in the taller, red-brick section of the building. You will see a sign for the Institute at the entrance.

Map of the Center and the UW South Campus

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