Are I-LABS researchers only focused on brain development in babies and toddlers?

Our primary focus is on the first five years of life.  However, we believe that the principles discovered in the first five years can be used to understand at least two other periods of important behavioral change and brain development—adolescence and aging.

During adolescence, the brain quite literally prunes and sculpts its neural architecture and yet scientists know almost nothing about how this sculpting process works or about the role of experience and nurturing in optimizing outcomes. I-LABS’ studies of learning and the brain have the potential to illuminate some of the changes they undergo during this period.

Our research will also tell us more about the aging brain and what can be done to keep the brain agile for as long as possible. Our neuroimaging tools and behavioral studies will help us understand neuroplasticity, which may help us teach old brains new tricks to keep them nimble.