Dr. Adrian KC Lee Wins 2014 Young Investigator Program Award from the Office of Naval Research

The 3-year grant supports work on the implementation of real-time hearing amplification based on reading and classifying brain waves, and understanding how they relate to the  myriad of possible human cognitive states.

            A total of 24 YIP winners this year were selected from a competitive, diverse pool of nearly 280 candidates. They represent 19 academic institutions across the country in disciplines including machine learning, computational biology, optical and acoustic sensors, structural dynamics, material science, corrosion, fluid structure interaction, modeling and simulation, communication, robotics and neural science. Each selectee receives annual monetary awards over a three-year period for research efforts that hold promise in advancing naval technology.

About Dr. Adrian KC Lee's work

Adrian KC Lee is the Director of the Laboratory for Auditory Brain Sciences and Neuroengineering at the University of Washington's Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS). He is also Assistant Professor of the UW Speech and Hearing Sciences Department and an Electrical Engineering Adjunct faculty. His laboratory focuses on capturing the cortical dynamics associated with auditory attention using advanced imaging techniques, such as magnetoencephalography (MEG). The long-term vision of his laboratory is to create a revolutionary assistive hearing device that will selectively amplify sound based on listener intent via a brain-computer interface.

Congratulations to KC and his entire Laboratory for Auditory Brain Sciences & Neuroengineering team!

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