I-LABS Co-Director Tapped to Speak for Allen Institute for Brain Science's 10th Anniversary Celebration

On Thursday, September 26, 2013, Dr. Patricia Kuhl gave an invited talk at the Allen Institute for Brain Science's Annual Symposium, held at Paul Allen's Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle.

The annual symposium, this year entitled 'Open Questions in Neuroscience,' offered a thought-provoking program that addressed key areas of neuroscience and looked to the future of the field. The meeting featured a mixture of talks and discussions to inspire innovative thinking and engage participants in exploring compelling avenues for advancing brain research. In honor of the Allen Institute's 10th anniversary year, the 2013 annual symposium included speakers with ties to the Allen Institute's early days and others who are driving brain science into the future. Dr. Kuhl joined 10 other leading scientists from around the world. Her talk was entitled "Human learning and the child's developing brain." Video of all the speakers will be made available by the Allen Institute soon.