Largest Hispanic Network in U.S. Features I-LABS

The largest Hispanic network in the U.S., Univision Noticias, recently sought out I-LABS as a resource for what parents can do to help give their children the best start in life.

The network sent a Miami-based reporting team of three to report directly from the Institute's lab in Seattle. The Univision team interviewed I-LABS researchers and collected footage of the I-LABS MEG facility

The segment, "El mejor recurso educativo para los niños" ("The best education resource for children"), aired during the evening prime-time broadcast on April 6. It features I-LABS co-directors Patricia Kuhl and Andrew Meltzoff, along with footage of other I-LABS researchers, the Institute, and the MEG.

The story is part of the "Pequeños y Valiosos" campaign launched by Univision and and the Clinton Foundation's Too Small To Fail initiative to encourage parents to help their children develop learning skills through daily engagement.

We are thrilled that through Univision's extraordinary reach, I-LABS is able to go the extra mile to expand its own reach and connect with diverse audiences. We look forward to a return visit from Univision.

Watch it (en español) online!