New PBS Documentary 'Born to Learn'

           A prominent Pacific Northwest PBS station will premiere a new documentary showcasing I-LABS research.

"Born to Learn," produced by KSPS Public Television in Spokane, first aired on July 30, 2015 at 7pm and has been shown on other PBS stations. It can also be viewed on the KSPS website.

Seeking experts in the latest science of child brain development, KSPS producers sought out I-LABS expertise in December 2014. Their production crew came to the Institute in January 2015 to interview co-directors Patricia Kuhl and Andrew Meltzoff and to collect footage of the lab.

"If you are involved in raising young children, caring for them, teaching or supporting them in any way, you'll want to watch," KSPS's Dawn Bayman wrote in a KSPS blog post. "I doubt there is another way to spend one hour to get such a complete understanding of the way children's brains develop and your crucial role in that development."

The documentary highlights I-LABS technology, including the MEG brain-imaging facility that allows I-LABS scientists to watch the brain in action:

"Born to Learn" is part of KSPS's "Kids Forward" campaign, which aims to "help frame the conversation concerning the need for quality education for pre-school children in our region and provide parents and caregivers with resources they need to bring up healthy, productive children."

The Spokane-based station reaches 2 million households in the inland northwest and Canada. DVDs are available for sale.