New York Times: Is E-Reading to Your Toddler Story Time or Screen Time?

Patricia Kuhl, I-LABS co-director, is quoted in a story about whether e-books and other digital media give the same developmental benefits for children.

        A front page story of the New York Times on Sunday, Oct. 12 opens with a question that's on many parents' minds: Does reading to your child on an e-book, iPad or other digital device count as story time, or is it just screen time for babies?

The story quotes Kuhl, who led a study in 2003 looking into whether 9-month-old babies learned Mandarin better from a DVD or from a live instructor.

“The way the kids were staring at the screen, it seemed obvious they would learn better from the DVDs,” Kuhl told the New York Times. But brain scans and language testing revealed that the DVD group “learned absolutely nothing,” she said.

“Their brain measures looked just like the control group that had just been exposed to English. The only group that learned was the live social interaction group.”

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