World Science Festival Features 'Brain-to-Brain' Research

Chantel Prat and Andrea Stocco, faculty researchers at I-LABS, will speak on their breakthroughs in brain-to-brain communication at the 2016 World Science Festival.

With collaborators in computer science, Prat and Stocco's brain-to-brain project has garnered headlines around the world as a leader in discovering how to use technology to help two human brains exchange information directly.

The team's latest achievement, published in fall 2015 and named a "best science discovery of the year" by numerous media outlets, demonstrated how two people could play the game "20 questions" without using any words.

It's one example of leading-edge science that the World Science Festival aims to highlight. The festival, held June 1-5 in New York City, is in its ninth year and is intended to get children and adults alike excited about science. Millions of people have attended the festival or viewed its content online since the annual event began.

Prat and Stocco are part of a June 4 panel "Mind Melds and Brain Beams: The Dawn of Brain-to-Brain Communication." The panel includes neuroscientists, ethicists and engineers who will talk about the latest technology that allows brains to communicate directly with each other. The panel will also address the ethical implications of the work.

Watch a livestream of the panel Saturday, June 4, 8 – 9:30 p.m. Eastern (5 – 6:30 p.m. Pacific). The video recording will be posted later. 

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