I-LABS Walking Directions from Upper Campus

From any point on Stevens Way, walk south to the bus stop behind the Chemistry Building (near Garfield Lane).

At the bus stop, walk away from the Chemistry Building along one of the several paths to the Health Sciences Complex.

Cross over the NE Pacific Street overpass towards the Magnuson Health Sciences Center.

At the Health Sciences Center, take the outside stairs to the second floor and follow the signs for Marine Sciences.

Continue following signs for Marine Sciences and the South Campus Center as you cross through the Health Sciences Center.

When you exit the Health Sciences Center, continue down the stairs to Columbia Road. The South Campus Parking Garage will be directly across the street.

Turn left and walk along Columbia Road and past the D, B and RR wings of the Health Sciences Center.

When you reach the end of the South Campus Parking Garage, you will see the CHDD Building in front of you. To the right of CHDD, beyond the parking garage, is the Portage Bay Building.

Turn right from Columbia Road and follow the short driveway into the middle level of the S1 parking garage.

Continue walking towards the taller brick wing of the Portage Bay Building. You will see a sign for the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences at the entrance.

Map of the Institute and the UW South Campus

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