We are looking for volunteers for child development studies!
Families with children (ages 0-9) can participate.
Click here to join online

Why volunteer for studies?
– Interesting and fun experience for both parents and children!
– Flexible appointment times
– Parking reimbursement
– Thank-you gift and/or check given at visit

We have studies available throughout the year. You can help us learn about infants and children. Our research looks at how children learn language, play with others, get interested in math, and other topics in child development.

To hear about future studies, join the University of Washington I-LABS Registry.

After registering, we will contact you when your child is near the age for a study. If you are interested, we provide you with more information about the study. You then decide if you and your child want to participate and try out the research project. There is no commitment to participate in any future studies.

To join the I-LABS registry online:
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To join by mail-in enrollment forms:
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Questions? Email us at

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