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Andrew N. Meltzoff, Joni Saby & Peter Marshall. A first step in learning by imitation, baby brains respond to another's actions, By Molly McElroy, Eurekalert, October 30, 2013. More Coverage »

Sarah Roseberry. New research highlights importance of live interaction for children, By Karina Mazhukhina, The Daily of the University of Washington, October 21, 2013.

Patricia Kuhl. Don't Just Talk. Listen to Your Baby Too, By Lisa Guernsey, TIME, October 17, 2013.

Sarah Roseberry. Seattle Considers Proposed Universal Preschool Program, By Florangela Davila, KLPU, September 4, 2013.

Andrea Stocco & Rajesh Rao. Experiment lets man use his mind to control another person’s movements, By Charles Q. Choi, The Washington Post, August 29, 2013.

Sarah Roseberry & Elizabeth Zack. Earliest Learning: Latest Findings in Baby Brain Science, By Deanna Duff, ParentMap, April 24, 2013.

Univision Seattle covers I-LABS exhibits at the UW RoadMap Parent Forum (Broadcast in Spanish), By News Staff, Univision Seattle, April 22, 2013.

Patricia K. Kuhl. State of Child Breakfast set for Friday, By Daily News Staff,, April 11, 2013.

Andrew N. Meltzoff. Children of Blind Mothers Learn New Modes of Communication, By Elizabeth Norton, WIRED/ScienceNOW, April 11, 2013.

Andrew N. Meltzoff & Patricia K. Kuhl. Obama seeks $100M to unlock mysteries of the brain, By Alex Mooney, CNN, April 2, 2013.
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Time To Wave The White Flag On Head Start – Sort of?, By Andrew J. Rotherham,, March 6, 2013.

Patricia K. Kuhl & Dilara Deniz Can. Invalid Files and Language Learning: Your Brain's Interoperable World, By Ben Thomas, Huffington Post, March 5, 2013.

Patricia K. Kuhl. Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference explores learning, By Allison Sylte, NBC/Channel9, March 1, 2013.

Patricia K. Kuhl. Latest Brain Research Supports Obama Early Childhood Plan, By Kaukab Jhumra Smith, YOUTHtoday, March 1, 2013.

Patricia K. Kuhl. Mapping The Human Brain, By Marcy Sillman, NPR/KUOW, February 28, 2013.

Andrew N. Meltzoff & Patricia K. Kuhl. Early Education Gives a Return on Investment, By Morton M. Kondracke, Roll Call, February 22, 2013.

Andrew N. Meltzoff. Obama to tout his proposed expansion of early childhood education, By Michael Alison Chandler, Lyndsey Layton and Susan Svrluga, The Washington Post, February 14, 2013.

Andrew N. Meltzoff. Obama proposal reflects shift in views on early childhood education, By Lyndsey Layton and Susan Svrluga, The Washington Post, February 13, 2013.

Patricia K. Kuhl. Wise Beyond Their Years: What Babies Really Know, By Sumathi Reddy, Wall Street Journal, February 12, 2013.

Andrew N. Meltzoff and Patricia K. Kuhl. Joint attention to mind, By Sarah De Weerdt, Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative, February 11, 2013.

Patricia K. Kuhl. Babies Are Smarter Than You Think, By Adam Clark Estes, the Atlantic wire, February 11, 2013.

Patricia K. Kuhl. Babies Seem to Pick Up Language in Utero, By Nicolas Bakalar, The New York Times, January 7, 2013. More Coverage »


Andrew N. Meltzoff & Patricia K. Kuhl. UW Institute for early learning hits fundraising goal for infant brain research, By Valerie Bauman, Puget Sound Business Journal, December 4, 2012.

Andrew N. Meltzoff. Early learning important in many ways: A Letter to the Editor from Walla Walla Chief of Police, By Scott Bieber, Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, November 2, 2012.

Andrew N. Meltzoff. Speaker: How children learn can teach us much, By Maria P. Gonzalez, Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, October 19, 2012.

Patricia K. Kuhl. The goal: achieving the intelligence of a 3-year-old child, By Etsushi Tsuru, The Asahi Shimbun GLOBE, October 14, 2012.

Patricia K. Kuhl. Dual Language: Geddes and the Science of Child Development. I-LABS Participates in Education Nation for Second Year, Panel moderated by Alex Witt, NBC Education Nation, September 24, 2012.

Patricia K. Kuhl. They're the brainy bunch, By Annie Ho, South China Morning Post, June 3, 2012.

Andrew N. Meltzoff. Treasure empathy - it makes humans unique, By Stephen Oliver, Waikato Times, May 5, 2012.

Gina Lebedeva. Is Your Child a Late Talker? Warning Signs and How to Help, By Chera Prideaux, Parentmap, January 31, 2012.


Patricia K. Kuhl. Hearing Bilingual: How Babies Sort Out Language, By Perri Klass, M.D, The New York Times, October 10, 2011.

Patricia K. Kuhl. What We Can Learn From the Brains of Babies, By John Hockenberry, NPR, September 30, 2011.

Gina Lebedeva. Preparing for Kindergarten: Is Your Child Ready... Or Not?, By Chera Prideaux, Parent Map, September 27, 2011.

Patricia K. Kuhl & Andrew N. Meltzoff. Some thoughts on Education Nation, By John Merrow, Taking Note, September 28, 2011.

Garcia-Sierra, A., Rivera-Gaxiola, M., Percaccio, C. R., Conboy, B. T., Romo, H., Klarman, L., Ortiz, S., & Kuhl, P. K. (2011) Bilingual language learning: An ERP study relating early brain responses to speech, language input, and later word production, Journal of Phonetics39, 546-557.
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Patricia K. Kuhl. Recognizing voices harder for people with dyslexia, By Lauran Neergaard, KOMO/AP, August 2, 2011.

Rechele Brooks, Talk to me, by Anita Sethi, Ph.D., Babytalk, June/July, 2011.

Dario Cvencek & Andrew N MeltzoffCultural Stereotypes Steer Girls Away from Math, by Molly McElroy, UW Columns Magazine, June 19, 2011.

Gina Lebedeva, Look who's cooing: Help foster your baby's language skills, by Kathryn Russell Selk, Parentmap, May 27, 2011.

Gina Lebedeva, Invest Northwest with Sean OwsleyKHQ Spokane Washington, May 8, 2011.

Being Bilingual May Boost Your Brain Power, By Gretchen Cuda-Kroen, NPR, April 26, 2011.

Patricia K. Kuhl, Andrew N. Meltzoff, & Gina LebedevaStudies on development inform push for early learning, By Kevin Graman, The Spokesman-Review, April 17, 2011.

Patricia K. Kuhl, Andrew N. Meltzoff, & Gina Lebedeva. UW brain scientists to study foster children, By Kevin Graman, Seattle Times, April 17, 2011.

Gina Lebedeva. Health Matters TV show: "Our Kids Our Business Edition:" A one hour live call-in show.

Dario Cvencek, Andrew N. Meltzoff, & Anthony G. Greenwald. (2011). Math–Gender Stereotypes in Elementary School Children, Child Development, 82, 776-779. More Coverage | Article Reprint

Andrew N. Meltzoff. Watson plays 'Jeopardy!' well, but what else can it do?, By Dan Vergano, USA Today, February 17, 2011.

Patricia K. Kuhl & Andrew N. Meltzoff. Story Festival provides tools for valley educators, parents, By Jeanne McGovern, Post Independent, February 5, 2011.


Andrew N. Meltzoff, Rechele Brooks, Aaron Shon, & Rajesh Rao. (2010). "Social'' robots are psychological agents for infants: A test of gaze following, Neural Networks, 23, 966-972.
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Patricia K. Kuhl & Andrew N. Meltzoff. 'Learning for Life' special looks at how babies learn, KING 5 News, September 26, 2010. Watch Video »

Patricia K. Kuhl & Andrew N. Meltzoff. Learning for Life: Looking into the baby brain, KING 5 News, May 26, 2010. Watch Video »

Patricia K. Kuhl & Andrew N. Meltzoff. Baby Brains, By Marcie Sillman, KUOW, May 25, 2010.

Patricia K. Kuhl & Andrew N. Meltzoff. UW institute will study ABC's of child learning, brain development, By Fiona Cohen, Seattle PI, May 24, 2010.

Andrew N. Meltzoff & Patricia K. Kuhl. Brain Research Lab Will Peer Inside Babies, By Keith Seinfeld, KPLU, May 23, 2010.

Andrew N. Meltzoff. Interview with Dr. Meltzoff: KCTS 9 Connects, By Enrique Cerna, KCTS9, May 20, 2010. Watch Video »

Patricia K. Kuhl. Charlie Rose Brain Series Episode Five, By Charlie Rose, PBS, February 23, 2010. Watch Video »

Andrew N. Meltzoff & Patricia K. Kuhl. Learning for Life Special, By KING 5 Staff, KING 5 News, January 8, 2010. Watch Video »

Andrew N. Meltzoff . This Emotional Life, (Episode 1 of a three-part documentary series), By Daniel Gilbert Ph.D., PBS, January 4, 2010. More Coverage »


Andrew N. Meltzoff. From Baby Scientists to a Science of Social Learning, By Andrew Meltzoff, Science News, September 26, 2009. View PDF »

Andrew N. Meltzoff. The New Science of Learning, National Science Foundation, September 11, 2009. Watch Video »

Patricia K. Kuhl. Social Media's Effect on Learning, By Maureen Scarpelli, The Wall Street Journal, July 30, 2009.

Andrew N. Meltzoff & Patricia K. Kuhl. New 'science of learning' could reinvent teaching techniques, By Dan Vergano, USA Today, July 22, 2009. View PDF »

Patricia K. Kuhl. Unraveling how kids become bilingual so easily, By The Associated Press, MSNBC, July 20, 2009. View PDF »

Andrew N. Meltzoff, , Patricia K. Kuhl, Javier Movellan, & Terrence J. Sejnowski. (2009). Foundations for a New Science of Learning. Science, 325, 284-288. More Coverage »

Andrew N. Meltzoff & Patricia K. Kuhl. Learning is social, computational, supported by neural systems linking people, By Joel Schwarz, Eurekalert, July 16, 2009. View PDF »

Patricia K. Kuhl. Being Human in a Digital World, Live From the Aspen Ideas Festival: Day 2, The Brian Lehrer Show, July 3, 2009.

Patricia K. Kuhl. Aesthetics and the Infant Mind, CARTA: Art and Aesthetics in Infants and Animals, Introduced by Jean-Pierre Changeux, Pasteur Institute, UCSD-TV, June 25, 2009. Watch Video »

Patricia K. Kuhl. Bezos Family Foundation Endows Chair for Early Childhood Learning, by Candice Douglass, University of Washington College of Arts & Sciences, May 7, 2009.

Six in UW community named Fellows of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. Andrew N. Meltzoff. University Week, April 23, 2009.

Jennifer Amsterlaw, K.H. Lagattuta & Andrew N. Meltzoff. Young Children's Reasoning About the Effects of Emotional and Psysiological States on Academic Performance, Child Development, January/February, 2009. More Coverage »


Andrew N. Meltzoff & Rechele Brooks (2008). Self-experience as a mechanism for learning about others: A training study in social cognition. Developmental Psychology, 44, 1257-1265. More Coverage »

Jessica Sommerville, Catharyn Crane & Elina Hildebrand. Psychologists show experience may be the best teacher for infants, by Joel Schwarz. University Week, October 2, 2008.

Andrew N. Meltzoff & Rechele Brooks. Infants have social sightlines, by Bruce Bower. Science News , September 27, 2008.

Andrew N. Meltzoff & Rechele Brooks. Baby Eyes Are Taking In The World, Applying Self-experience To Other People.Science Daily , September 22, 2008.

Patricia K. Kuhl & Andrew N. Meltzoff. Raising a little genius, by Harry Hoffman. Seattle Times, April 25, 2008.

Patricia K. Kuhl, Andrew N. Meltzoff & Toshiaki Imada. Life Sciences Fund grants awards to launch health research.EurekAlert, April 17, 2008.

Andrew Meltzoff & Patricia K. Kuhl.Seeds of Compassion with the Dalai Lama: The Scientific Basis for Compassion - Live Event. UWTV, April 11, 2008. Watch Video »

Andrew N. Meltzoff & Rebecca Williamson. Scientists to share insights into compassion with the Dalai Lama, by Janet I. Tu. Seattle Times, April 10, 2008.

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Bilingual, Bicultural and Brilliant!  Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences Celebrates Diversity at NYC’s Ultimate Block Party Event

The Ultimate Block Party 2010, Celebrating the science of play, New York City, October 3, 2010. View Event Photos »

January 24, 2011 - I-LABS Receives $200,000 Grant From Boeing to Increase Information Sharing Between Early Learning Researchers and Policy-makers.

Bezos Family Foundation Announces $5 Million Gift to University of Washington's Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences Developing Mind Project, June 8, 2010.

May 24, 2010. University of Washington Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences Launches Developing Mind Project to Discover Fundamentals of Early Learning and Brain Development

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