Windows Install Instructions for Meetingmaker

Log in to Windows with an administrator-level account

  • Download the upgrade file of Meeting Maker here (.zip, ~10 MB).
  • Once the download is complete, double-click the file, either accessing its contents or unzipping it to a location on your hard drive.
  • Open the win_client_en_88 folder and launch Setup.exe.
  • Allow the installation wizard to run.

  • If a previous installation of Meeting Maker is present, move local data to archive file, allowing new client to rebuild database from server.

  • Allow installation to complete. Launch application, and browse Readme file and/or Getting Started Guide if desired.
    If the administrator account is not the user's usual login, log out of the administrator account and into the normally used account before launching and configuring Meeting Maker 8.8.

  • Fill in username and password, and click "Select" to select the Meeting Maker server.

  • Select SSL as the protocol.

  • Click "Configure".

  • Type into the host list. Click "OK".

  • The ILABS server will appear. Highlight it, and click "Select".

  • Click "Sign In".

  • You're done!


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