I-LABS’ Dr. Andrea Stocco Invited to Teach About Brain Mechanisms Underlying Cognitive Flexibility at the 2012 Interdisciplinary College

Dr. Andrea Stocco has been invited to be part of the 2012 faculty of the Interdisciplinary College being held at Bielefeld, Germany in March. The Interdisciplinary College is an annual, interdisciplinary one-week educational program offering state-of-the-art courses in neurobiology, neural computation, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, robotics and philosophy. Lecturers and students (which range from graduate level through faculty themselves) come from around the world to present and hear new perspectives and advances in the neurosciences.

Dr. Stocco will be teaching a three-day course on the role of basal ganglia in cognitive flexibility at the Interdisciplinary College 2012. The course will cover computational models of the basal ganglia, the mechanisms of interactions between basal ganglia and frontal cortex, and their role in cognitive flexibility in normal and impaired populations.

Learn more about Dr. Stocco’s research in the Cognition and Cortical Dynamics Laboratory at I-LABS.