TOE Activities

The translation, outreach, and education branch of the Institute is very active. Below are examples of TOE activities and the primary audiences reached.

Parents, educators and advocates

I-LABS leaders and scientists regularly meet with organizations to discuss new research findings. Read More »


I-LABS has hosted numerous legislators, including Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, on tours of the MEG Brain Imaging Center.  Drs. Kuhl and Meltzoff frequently speak with policymakers interested in how to apply the science of early learning to policies and practice. Read More »

Private Sector and Foundations

As featured speakers at events hosted by organizations such Casey Family Programs, United Way King County and Seattle's Rotary Club, Drs. Kuhl and Meltzoff are able to share I-LABS research discoveries with thought leaders from both business and not-for-profit sectors. Read More »


I-LABS often engages with education and healthcare practitioners on topics such as language acquisition, social-emotional development and cognitive processes. Read More »


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